Who is Mandy Seyfang?


Mandy has over 25 years experience working with individuals, couples and families as a therapist working in the mental health area. For the past ten years her focus has been to work with women and their infants supporting their relationship during times of great stress.

What is Mother Infant therapy?

Mandy  works with mothers during pregancy, around birth and in the first months of a babies life to support the relationship between mother and infant. This work may also involve working with their wider family system and can be done with ach individual family or in groups.

Who would benefit?

Mothers  who may  benefit from mother infant therapy include those with:

  • unsettled babies
  • babies with feeding and sleep difficulties
  • mother child dyads with attachment difficulties
  • women with antenatal anxiety  and/or depression
  • mothers with postnatal anxiety and/or depression
  • mothers with birth trauma
  • mothers with unresolved past trauma
  • those struggling with life transition

Other services available

  • therapy services for foster parents and infants
  • training programmes focusing on working relationally with families with new babies
  • supervision for workers- individually and in groups
  • community public lectures eg managing your toddler, healthy beginnings, getting to know your baby

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